About Muziektheater Hollands Diep

Muziektheater Hollands Diep
Muziektheater Hollands Diep focuses on magical contemporary music theater performances at unusual locations. The office and work place of Hollands Diep is situated at Dordrecht, the Netherlands. The performances are known for their high musical and artistic level, their compelling content, and the strong visual impact.

Large and small productions
Large-scale performances are alternated with small-scale production, large-scale productions have a nationwide reach, small-scale productions are focused on regional audience. Over the years, the organization is further professionalized in order to be able to perform various performances per year.

The public
The audience is a mix of music and theater lovers who love music and adventurous; people who do not (or not only) feel at home in the cultural temples of classical music and opera.

Hollands Diep musical theater specializes in contemporary opera repertoire from the 20th and 21st century. It’s performances and compositions have a distinctive position in the life of the Netherlands Opera. The mission of Hollands Diep is to make modern repertory accessible to a wider audience than mainstream contemporary music audience.

Hence, most of Hollands Diep’s productions are not performed in formal concert halls and opera houses, but on surprising locations. Often, these locations have a cultural, architectural or landscape value. A theater was built out of containers for Achnaton, other performances where in exhibition spaces of museums, factories, churches, a court and a Grand Cafe. Besides performances on location, Hollands Diep was also involved in traveling performances. Several times these travelling performances took place in relation with national and / or regional cultural events.

The performers are professional ensembles and singers of high standard. Depending on the repertoire, the production will be executed by a mix of singers, musicians and conductors. Herewith, new partnerships are established and old partnerships continue. There is collaboration with other disciplines such as: dance, puppetry, video and visual arts. Amateur and youth / children are an important ingredient for the productions, and / or secondary program. Hollands Diep has cooperated with a wide variety of cultural institutions, both nationally and regionally.

  The Frame
A production is seldom an isolated activity for Hollands Diep. On various occasions, a program with various activities of was created with content and music of the show, giving the public the possibility to learn more about the context of the performance.

Forthcoming: St Nicholas lives!
A music theater for people from 7 years or older with St. Nicholas as major theme.

The opera is based on St. Nicholas Cantata by Benjamin Britten. The original story from Asia Minor is the basis. Beautiful music together with an appealing theme, makes this performance extremely suitable for stage.

The Turkish composer, Evrim Demirel merged especially for this performance, the Cantata with Dutch Sinterklaas tradition. Evrim wrote specially for Hollands Diep a new Dutch children's suite, as a prologue to Britten's cantata. For this, Britten's cantata was translated into Dutch.

With the assistance of an amateur youth orchestra led by professional instrumentalists, the Laurenscantorij o.l.v. Wiecher Mandemaker, the Young Voices children's choir and a specially for this project composed children's choir.

For the artistic direction of the production, Cilia Hogerzeil is in charge.
The premiere is scheduled on November 11, 2011 in Dordrecht. Other performances: November 12 (Dordrecht), November 18 (Dordrecht), November 19 (Goes) and 25 and November 26 (Rotterdam).

Everything subject to change.