For vocal soloists

Main goal: Integrating singing, movement and acting. Podium Presentation, training of basic skills and developing new opportunities.

Coaching move and act
After their studies, many singers lack deeper personal guidance in terms of movement and acting. As a result, singers can get stuck in 'safe' performances and freeze in solid movement patterns. Therefore, they diminish their chances for a lively and inspiring interpretations.

Short or long
We provide singers the chance to work with us based on short or long courses, giving the possibility to redevelop singing, acting and movement. Or work on theatrical deepening through physical means. Or focusing on a more loose and more personal stage presence for building a more convincing performance.

For ensembles and choirs

Main goal: improve presentation and appearance. Integrating text, music and attitude. Involvement with each other and the public.

For vocal ensembles, a shared and inspiring charisma on stage is very important. A presentation must first convince vocally, but also the most beautiful voices remain cool as an ensemble does not thoroughly understands what it's singing about and lacks showing this in posture and movement.

Increased involvement
A musical performance can easily slip by sloppy presentation. With simple means, the performance can be raised at a higher level. This increases both the involvement of the public, as the singers themselves!